Calvin Harris took to Instagram to claim that the government has done little to help the music industry during the global health crisis, despite the amount of money it contributes to the country’s economy.

He shared a picture of a burnt-out night club with the caption, “As usual the UK government treating music industry like s**t, contributes 5bn to the economy, generates massive tax revenues for NHS and other public services…besides that, culture is extremely f*****g important.

You’ve lost sight of what life is about… you’d rather live in a world of supermarkets and pharmaceutical drugs.

It seems some fans didn’t side with the DJ as their expressions were disapproving of Calvin’s claims. In the comments, many were quick to point out the image is not of a nightclub in the UK. But rather in Germany.

Calvin responded stating the photo in question was meant to be a ‘metaphor’ to get his point across.

The reason for Calvin’s comments come after Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently shed more light on the government’s Winter Economy Plan for the next six months.

Judging from the plan it seems the plan doesn’t give enough support to musicians and has received a lot of backlash from the music industry.