Ariana Grande is on a roll as her new single ‘Positions’ is making huge waves in just a little over 24hrs since its debut. The music video hit more than 2 million views on YouTube in just 2 hours after its release and is currently 10x with 20 million views in a day.

This shows how much fans of Ariana have been wanting new material and they won’t need to wait much longer as she reveals her new album ‘Positions’ of which the single is released, will be coming next Friday, 30th October. 

Ariana shared a tweet that said “Positions’ the single out now. ‘Positions’ my 6th album out Friday the 30th.” She also shared the album cover along with the tweet and also a link for preorder on all streaming platforms. 

With the single ‘Positions’ doing so well, we can only imagine the effects of her album when released. Fans are in for an amazing holiday season which is fast approaching. 

Keep going, Ariana!