Alicia Keys is ‘on fire’ as she continues to promote her freshly released self-titled album ‘Alicia.’ Alicia is currently the cover GQ Hype, where she talks about Breonna Taylor, the music industry and speaking truth to power.

On the topic of her journey to genuine confidence on this project she said, “At the very beginning, I had zero confidence. I mean, I had the confidence that I thought I had. But most of that was kind of put on just to survive the situation.” [True confidence, though?] “When you really can feel comfortable and grounded and like you belong somewhere? That took until much later… the confidence I think, increased, and also the bravery to stick to what I wanted to say or to feel how I feel and just get it out there.”

Alicia was very vocal on the topic of the Breonna Taylor case she said, “There is no justice, there is no regard for the life of a black woman who had an incredibly great future… Breonna was essential to the workforce in Louisville and was a bright, shining star, ready to go higher. She deserves to be alive. She deserves to be able to sleep in her bed and wake up the next morning and continue with her life. And she deserves for the people who ended her life to be held accountable. So how do I think that they handled it? They didn’t handle it! And that is outrageous and completely unacceptable.

Any justice system with laws that allow an innocent woman to be shot six times and be killed by police and no one is held accountable, is an unjust system… This is why we continue to speak out. This is why we have to continually say Black Lives Matter and speak Breonna Taylor’s name so what was done will never be forgotten. I’m not sure how long we can go without any justice.”

This was her view on over-working as a woman, “My mother always overworked. Women tend to overwork because we know that we have to get everything done all the time and be responsible for the outcome… But I also just have such a drive and such a desire to do great things. And it’s wonderful, but it’s also detrimental.”

Alicia Keys is truly the ‘girl on fire!