It appears Eminem fans will soon be treated to an entire TV series based of their favorite rapper’s drama thriller ‘8 Mile.’

50 Cent disclosed the exciting news during a recent interview with Big Boy, in which the multi-hyphenate revealed his intentions to adapt Em’s 2002 drama ‘8 Mile’ to TV, with the veteran rapper’s involvement.

Fif said at the 24:50 minute mark, “I’m gonna bring 8 Mile to television. We’re in motion.”

He went on to say that Em – whom he worked on multiple records with – was involved in some form, before adding it’s, “gonna be big.”

Asked to further elaborate on the purpose of the project, Fif said that an adapted version of the Curtis Hanson-directed drama, which starred his longtime collaborator and friend, Eminem, “should be there for his legacy.”

Fif then stated, “It’s important to me that they understand it,” while he compared the strategy to that of the 2022 television series Bel-Air, which is a dramatic adaptation of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

He went on, “I’ma do Snoop’s story too, even though we paused on it because of Starz. I was having issues with them over there at the time. So I paused on Murder Was the Case, but I think Snoop is…if the O.J. trial works, why wouldn’t Murder Was the Case work at this point?”

Fif also mentioned that he received a “inquiry” regarding appearing at the World Cup last year before discussing the 8 Mile series plans. At the 24:09 mark, he stated, “They had a budget of $9 million for it,” adding that he had been offered $1 million if he could somehow include Em.

“I’m just saying, if you would do a one-off show, maybe you would do the biggest live sporting event in the world,” Fif asserted.

According to Fif, discussions about the project were brought to Em’s longtime manager, Paul Rosenberg; however, they never progressed beyond that.

Watch the full episode below.